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About Us

Credit Authority is a credit card review and comparison site dedicated to offering fair, honest reviews of credit cards. 

We are a for-profit company, as we earn a commission whenever you apply for a card via one of our affiliate links. That said, our aim is to offer something a little different from other credit card affiliate sites, with their stodgy web designs and dry data.

We want to empower consumers to make informed decisions about their personal finances, while also poking fun at the colorful plastic rectangles that weigh down our wallets with unsecured debt. We also want to provide a forum for those interested in personal finance to voice their opinions, concerns, tips, and quips regarding the often boring and tedious topic of debt management. 

Credit cards are a big business. They may be the most profitable products in all of retail banking, as credit cards are basically high interest loans. Credit card companies want you to carry a high balance and to buy things you can’t afford. But credit cards aren't evil. They're tools. And like any tool, credit cards can be fun, convenient, and even rewarding, so long as they are used wisely. 

Find our recommendations for the best cards in different situations and get our opinions on the best credit cards in the market. And that's key: they're our opinions, so don't expect a glowing review of every credit card that might pay us for an ad or two. Finally, please use the discussion boards to contribute your experiences and help others out.

Use your cards wisely, and happy, enlightened spending!

The Credit Authority Team