Marcus Atwater

Money and hip-hop go together like shiny rims and cars. Conspicuous consumption and public displays of wealth are ever-present in our late capitalist cultural landscape. It's no surprise, then, that credit cards get plenty of mentions in rap songs.

Ten Crack Commandments by The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie refuses to extend credit to unreliable customers.

Number 6: that goddamn credit? Dead it.
You think a crackhead paying you back, shit, forget it!

Rainbow in the Dark by Das Racist

Heems's love of cool clothes and hot pizza is financed in part by his use of rotating available credit.

Something like a neo-rap Zack Attack
Finna spark an L and have myself a Big Mac Attack
Known to rock the flyest shit and eat the best pizza
Charge that shit to Mastercard, already owe Visa

Last Call by Kanye West

Yeezus gets pretty politically correct when it comes to credit cards.

I went to the malls and I balled too hard.
"Oh my god, is that a black card?"
I turned around and replied, "Why yes,
But I prefer the term African American Express.”

Song Cry by Jay Z

Jay Z couldn't have bought his car without his girlfriend's Visa.

On repeat, the CD of BIG's "Me and My Bitch"
Watching Bonnie and Clyde, pretending to be that shit.
Empty gun in your hand saying, "Let me see that clip."
Shopping sprees, pull out your Visa quick
A nigga had very bad credit, you helped me lease that whip
You helped me get the keys to that V dot 6.

I’m Not Real by Mac Miller

Not sure if Mac Miller is saying mind control is expensive or lucrative. Maybe he’s saying both?

I don't exist, hieroglyphics,
Pyrotechnics, metaphysics.
Telekinetics put 50K on my credit card.
Look for the answers, I'm searching but I ain't getting far.

Hell Yeah by Dead Prez

M-1’s entire verse in this song is a paean to making easy money via identity theft.

I know a way we can get paid
You can get down but you can't be afraid
Let's go to the DMV and get a ID
The name says you but the face is me
Now it's your turn take my paper work
Like 1, 2, 3 let's make it work
Then, fill out the credit card application
And it's gonna be bout three weeks of waitin'
For American Express, Discover Card
Platinum Visa, Master Card
Cause, when we was boostin' shit we was targets
Now we just walk right up and say charge it
To the game we rockin' brand names
Well known at department store chains
Even got the boys in the crew a few things
Po Po never know who to true blame
Store after store you know we kept rollin'
Wait two weeks report the card stolen
Repeat this cycle like a laundry mat
Like a glitch in the system it's hard to catch
Comin' out the mall with the shoppin' bags
We can take it right back then get the cash
Yeah, get a friend and then do it again
Damn right that's how we paid the rent.

Marcus Atwater has a 666 credit score and he's not ashamed to admit it.

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