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Ways to Maximize Rewards

Rewards are why people stick with credit cards. Just imagine using a credit card with no perks at all. It is definitely a boring cash-in and cash-out cycle.

Credit card companies use reward techniques to entice more applicants, thus gaining more customers and more partnerships. People who have excellent credit can expect initial rewards bonuses worth hundreds of dollars and earning rates in popular categories. Examples of these categories include gas, groceries, travel, and dining.

Obviously, not only those who have good credit earn these rewards. Credit card companies reward almost anyone across the credit card spectrum. It is just a matter of knowing your way around the rewards landscape to better subsidize your spending as efficiently as possible.

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Alternate Uses for Credit Cards

Lock Pick

If you forget your keys, a credit card can be a handy way to regain access to your home. Simply slide the card between the door and the doorjamb and tilt it so it's almost touching the doorknob, then bend it the opposite way. This will force the bolt back into the door so it'll open when you turn the knob. Make sure you use one of your secondary credit cards when picking locks, as the card may get bent or break in the process.

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