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American Express Serve Prepaid Card Review

Credit-Authority features a large number of reviews of the best credit cards in the market, but what about people who have no credit or who might currently struggle with a credit check?  For them, we concentrate in a number of credit tools specifically for helping them get their finances back in line - and the American Express Serve card is one of our favorite options in the prepaid debit card category. 

What is a prepaid debit card?

Prepaid debit cards, like the American Express Serve, offer an easy way for people to leverage many of the benefits of American Express without having to go through a credit check.  This is possible because the American Express...

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Secured Credit Card Hidden Fees - Buyer Beware!

On the surface, a secured credit card or a prepaid credit card is fantastic - they offer a small scale manageable way for people to rebuild their credit score.  They pay up front either as a balance for the card to draw from or to establish a line of credit - what isn't to like?

The credit card issues understand that people interested in secured or prepaid credit cards are in a time of need.  Because of this, there are a number of secured credit card fees and hidden 

But unfortunately, many of the secured credit card issuers take advantage of the cardholders looking to leverage their services.  Because people are desperate to rebuild credit, to rent apartments or to take out mortgages, they often find themselves in a situation where they can get taken advantage of.

That’s why the Credit Authority team has teamed up to write this article - specifically to let you know about the dangers and benefits of using a secured credit card.  With the knowledge in this article, you’ll be able to tell a secure credit card scammer from those who are really trying to help out the consumer.

#3 Extra High Credit Card Interest ...

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The Best Secured Credit Cards 2013

Across the many available credit card products available, it’s popular for most banks or credit card issuers to provide a secured credit card or a prepaid credit card for people who are rebuilding their credit score.  This article is devoted to helping people understand what a secured credit card is, who should be using one, and how to find the best secured credit card for you.

What is a Secured Credit Card or a Prepaid Credit Card?

secured credit card is a credit card that requires the cardholder to put down a deposit in order begin accumulating a balance on their card  Their credit limit will either be a larger percentage of the deposit they put down, or possibly the deposit itself.  This is different than a prepaid card because you do not have to pay a balance to the credit card and "re-charge" it to use it.  Rather, you'll make a deposit at the beginning of using the card, and you will have access to that level of credit.  Because of that, prepaid cards and secured credit cards function very differently.

Why do credit card companies issue secure credit cards and prepaid credit cards?

Credit Card ...

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